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Space4:Mobile Art Gallery @ the Zoo

Visual Arts Adaptation/Migration in the Anthropocene Era November 24 - January 1 Smithsonian National Zoo (map) By Maggie Gourlay In Migration/Adaptation in the Anthropocene, Maggie Gourlay will transform CulturalDC’s SPACE4: Mobile Art Gallery into an immersive environment where visitors can learn about threats to our climate and engage in small actions that can make a big difference. CulturalDC.org

THE ONE HOUSE PROJECT @ Touchstone Gallery

Over 220 artists demonstrate the power of visual communication to support true democratic values of tolerance, inclusion and openness and to resist efforts to divide us by race, gender, sexual preference, class or region. The vision of One House is for a country where we stand together. Each artist contributed a 12” square panel dedicated to an ancestor who came to this country - voluntarily or involuntary - or was here before the arrival of the Europeans. A structure erected in the Touchstone Gallery will be covered entirely by those panels, representing the remarkable range of diverse humanity who have combined to make the strength of America. November 3 – 25, 2017 https://www.touchstone

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