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The Gifts of Tony Podesta At AU Museum

The Gifts of Tony Podesta is the first major exhibition drawn from the museum’s Corcoran Legacy Collection. It features photography and sculpture donated by Tony Podesta over the past decade to the Corcoran Gallery of Art, which is now part of the American University Museum’s holdings. Artists featured: Darren Almond; Jake and Dinos Chapman; Jenny Gage; Mads Gamdrup; Anna Gaskell; Margi Geerlinks; Siobhán Hapaska; Mwangi Hutter; Justine Kurland; Jone Kvie; Clare Langan; Barbara Liotta; Malerie Marder; Ottonella Mocellin; Ernesto Neto; Anneè Olofsson; Gyan Panchal; Nira Pereg; Patricia Piccinini; Torbjørn Rødland; Jenny Rydhagen; Ann-Sofi Sidén; Katja Strunz; Janaina Tschäpe; Hellen van Meen

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