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La Vie en Bleu @ Strathmore

La Vie en Bleu 26th Annual Strathmore Juried Exhibition

Sat, Jan 7–Sun, Feb 19

The 26th Annual Strathmore Juried Exhibition celebrates La Vie en Bleu, or “life in blue,” with artwork that takes inspiration from the theme of blue, including in nature, color theory, emotion, and more. As a color, blue has long intrigued. Though rare as a natural pigment, it appears gloriously in other ways—skies shine bright blue, mountains in the distance appear a dusty blue, and clear water turns deep blue in the vast ocean. In art, blue can complement within a broader palette or be powerful alone. Yves Klein took a philosophical approach to the color, creating the dimensionless International Klein Blue and exploring it as a “void” for much of his career. Picasso’s Blue Period blended its interpretation as both a color and emotion, depicting somber, blue-toned figures. In music, the genre of blues can be interpreted as both melancholy and therapeutic. From nature to art to music, blue reveals itself to be a complex color and emotion, and artists’ creative interpretations are on full display in this year’s juried exhibition.

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