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Us + Them = U.S. @ Healing Arts Gallery


Us + Them = U.S.

Finding Common Ground in a Divided Nation

Curated by: Philippa B. Hughes and Deirdre Darden

Saturday, February 11, 3:30 5:30 p.m.


Kate DeCiccio, Michael Fischerkeller, Otessa Ghadar,

Aziza Claudia Gibson Hunter, Akemi Maegawa,

Carolina Mayorga, Tsedaye Makonnen, Stan Squirewell

Lisa Marie Thalhammer, T. Thompson,

WorkingmanCollective (w/Colby Caldwell),

and Helen Zughaib

Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery is presenting Us + Them = U.S. Finding Common Ground in a Divided Nation, a powerful visual response confronting the division our country faces. A group of Washington DC area's most influential artists and activists will examine and investigate our nation's current political and cultural rift and explore how we can find a collective understanding through contemporary art-making methods.

A candid, introspective discussion with Curtators Dierdre Darden, Philippa PB Hughes and several participating artists will be speaking about their approach to this exhibition on February 11

ALSO: Artist Carolina Mayorga will be performing her piece: LADY LIBERTAD during this program (duration approx. 5-10 minutes).

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