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Anthony Le in his firstWashington, DC solo exhibition.

Golden Looking Hour at Transformer features paintings by Anthony Le in his first

Washington, DC solo exhibition. The exhibition features portraits of fellow DC artists that question the social

construct of identity, and how it can be limiting from the outside looking in, but be expansive from the inside

looking out. The portrait series celebrates the diversity of DC artists while also subverting the cultural

expectations that come with being based in the nation’s capital.

Golden Looking Hour

Anthony Le

March 11 – April 15, 2023

Meet the Artist Reception at Transformer:

Saturday, March 11, 2023, 2 – 4 PM

March 18 | 3 - 4 PM: Artist Talk

April 1 | 3 - 4 PM: Artist Tea Time & Discussion on Self-Image


1404 P Street NW

Washington, DC 20005


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