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Our Canada, My Story on View Now

Currently on display in the Embassy of Canada’s art gallery is Our Canada, My Story, a travelling interactive exhibition developed by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights which uses video vignettes to showcase uplifting, contemporary stories of seven remarkable people that explore their struggles for equality, inclusion and dignity:

  • Ali is a Halifax firefighter and basketball coach who arrived as a refugee from Somalia;

  • Thomas was a Calgary dancer with cerebral palsy who took a leading role with a theatrical performance company;

  • Mona and her same‐sex partner in Montréal won the legal right to be equally recognized as the parents of their children;

  • Widia fights for the rights of Indigenous women in Quebec;

  • Kevin uses music to help newcomers in Vancouver, inspired by the experiences of his Japanese and Chinese grandparents;

  • Sylvia introduces viewers to the struggle for affordable, nutritious food in the North;

  • Shawn celebrates French language in Saskatchewan through his rap music performances.

The gallery is set up with viewing pod and lounge area where visitors can select from a tablet any of the seven short (approx. 5 min) stories to watch.

Our Canada, My Story will be exhibited at the Embassy of Canada’s art gallery until January 2023

501 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, free of charge.

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